Tools of our Trade

We use many styles of exercise for our different clients, using band resistant training, free weight, ankle/wrist weights and body weight exercises.  Whether its through high intensity interval training or our dance cardio class, we’ve got a fun alternative to burn those calories and get you all sweaty.  Strength, fitness or endurance, whatever your goal  joint experience and versatility can help you achieve the physique you dream of.

Our vision to improve your  motor skills, flexibility, posture and strength is what sets us apart form the rest. At Hayley and Chris we look at the whole picture, creating a practical exercise regime aimed at improving our natural facility.   Its all about balance, we believe element of fitness is as important as the next.  A balanced, but varied workout is vital, and with our method of training that’s what you will get.

We believe that dreams and ambition creates positivity, motivating us in life. Determination, perseverance and persistence breeds results and the benefit of reward. This mantra can be put to anything, especially when it comes to achieving your own personal goals in fitness.