Go Run For Fun

Go Run For Fun

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The GO Run For Fun foundation is a new charity designed to help Britain’s five to ten year olds get off the couch and get active.

GO Run For Fun has been holding events for about a year and over 15,000 kids have already taken part. They hope to get over 100,000 children involved by 2016.

It’ s aim is to simply get kids running and have fun being active. As well as being fun, running is inexpensive and a fundamental part of so many other sports. If children can catch the running bug early we know it’s far more likely that an active and healthy lifestyle will be seen as enjoyment and not as a chore.

It is free and all inclusive. GO Run For Fun is a national programme of free fun runs. Its aim is to get as many children as possible between the ages of 5-10 having fun, running.

The programme has already been a tremendous success. 15,000 children have taken part since august last year (2013) and it is well on its way to getting over 100,000 children running by 2016.

Hayley loved running with the kids to support GRFF. It was an uplifting experience and she is delighted to be one of their ambassadors.